Feedbin Notifier vs. Notify by Facebook

by Ben Ubois

Today, Notify by Facebook was released. Conceptually, this is a similar app to Feedbin Notifier, which was released two days ago. The timing is coincidental but still interesting.

Left: Feedbin Notifier. Right: Notify by Facebook.

A similar coincidence happened when Feedbin launched, which is that two days later Google announced they were shutting down Reader. Weird timing.

In my mind, Feedbin Notifier offers many advantages over Notify. The biggest reason to choose Feedbin Notifier is that it works with any source that offers an RSS feed, while Facebook has a limited number of built in sources.

Feature Feedbin Notifier Notify by Facebook
Sources Anything with an RSS feed 72
Apple Watch App Yes No
Read offline Yes No
Spotlight Integration Yes No
Sync Yes No
Privacy Yes LOL
Price $3/mo Free

This comparison is obviously biased. However, it is worth pointing out that Notify costs nothing, while Notifier only works with a paid Feedbin subscription.

I think that having a large free competitor like this validates the idea. It also creates a market for a premium, more fully-featured version, which is what Feedbin Notifier is. Competing with Free is nothing new, it’s what Feedbin has been doing since day one.